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Australian GSI partners Keoghs offer experience and local knowledge in silos and grain handling installation, helping you achieve a storage solution matched to your enterprise and constructed in accordance with GSI quality, local regulations and industry best practice.

Grain Handling Storage System installation Gunnedah

Complex consists of 12” chain loop to fill GSI silos fitted with full floor aeration and drying heaters. The chain loop allows fast and flexible loading of trucks from any silo and fast loading into the drive over pit. The on farm storage allowed for a greater harvest efficiency, with no waiting at local receval depots meant the crop was harvested in record time before any product damage or downgrade could occur. In addition to cheaper of-peak freight rates and improved grain prices were able to be taken full advantage during the year.

Kingaroy-Qld Grain Handling and Storage Installation

4x 300tonne silos used to hold canola and other specialty oil seeds for processing. The silos are equipped with a high capacity 12”  chain loop for quick received via a truck drive over pit and transfer of material from bin to bin. The Silos are equipped with aeration to ensure premium product quality whilst in storage

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2x 36ft 8 ring Silos with capacity of approx. 2000mt. each. These silos are equipped with aeration via V-trench ducting to maintain product quality by reducing temperature and moisture which is especially important for the specialty crops. The spiral staircase for easy access to the roof for grain monitoring ensured this was in fact the case.

Silos used for storage of seed with easy to access remote roof caps for easy loading. The high quality sealed silos gave peace of mind to ensure the best of germination rates the following season.

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